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6 Quirky ideas for your about us page

Looking for ways to make your about us page a bit more special? Here's some quirky ideas to make yours stand out.

Published on 05 Sept 2023

1) Visualise the journey

A popular approach on an about us page is to tell the story of the company. How it started and how ti got to where it is now.

Why not take it a step further with a timeline of the company's journey. It might include when you reached 100 employees, opened new offices, raised capital, launched new products or established a new partnership.

Example from Thirdfort

See other Timeline inspiration here -->

2) Bring it to life with video

Whether it's the words of your founders, employees or happy customers, it's impactful to use video to show the human side of the business. It helps the user relate to you and what you do on a more personal level and is often more compelling and emotive than words on a page.

Example from HiBob

3) Showcase your community

Does your company operate a community, hold roundtables or events? Shout about it on your about page! You can impress your target audience by showing them that you go the extra mile to understand them and their needs as well as offer resources and community in the industry.

Example from Spendesk

4) Show peaks behind the scenes 

Have some photos of the team hard at work or celebrating at a work event? Share them with the world and give your company a more human face. It's also a nice touch for potential candidates to get a little preview into life at the company.

Even better, invest in some professional team photos which will pay off in spades. They're great to use across the site as well as in collateral and careers materials.

Example from Truelayer

5) Make a statement

This will be unique for every company, but if there is something your company feels really passionate about, let it shine on your about page.

If we look at Buffer, for example, they've chosen to highlight their approach as an 'open company'. This means that salaries, finances and performance metrics are all transparent and viewable by the public. They've taken this stance on the belief that it holds the company accountable to a high standard and strives to push the industry forward.

My Mind is another example. Instead of having a clear-cut 'about' page, they've chosen to publish a Manifesto and a Promise to their users. This is to show their respect for the integrity of your mind, meaning they won't use their platform to show ads, sell data or otherwise profit from the data you give them. This is a powerful way to express the company's mission and values without committing to a classic approach.

6) Show off your stack

If your development team are keeping ahead of the trends and enjoy being thought-leaders in the space, it could be worth giving them a spotlight on the about page to talk about their carefully curated tech stack. This might include languages and infrastructure, or even your team organisation and planning tools.