Awesome Animation: How 5 websites use animation effectively

Effective website animations that boost engagement and conversions

Published on 14 Aug 2023

What are website animations?

Website animations are the dynamic elements of a website. Unlike static images or text, animations move or change in response to user interactions, or on their own. They come in a wide variety of styles: from bold, eye-catching graphics, to subtle motions that add a touch of finesse. But these aren’t just visual flairs; they’re tools for better engagement and storytelling. 

The Upside for Web Designers and Marketers

  • Boost Engagement: Animated components can really grab attention. This can keep visitors on the page for longer, increasing the chances of conversion.

  • Quick Storytelling: A simple animation can convey an idea or a brand’s essence quickly.

  • Guide User Behaviour: Strategic animations can guide users to CTAs or highlight any key content. 

  • Stand Out From the Crowd: Animations give a competitive edge, making brands memorable. 

Challenges to consider

  • Accessibility: Some users, especially those with photosensitivity, might find animations problematic. Ensuring animations are user-friendly and do not interfere with the keyboard navigation of the website, is crucial.

  • Emotional Limitation: Animations can be great for quick messages, but might fall short in conveying complex emotions or intricate brand narratives.

  • Loading and Performance: Poorly optimised animations can increase site loading times, potentially resulting in higher bounce rates.

5 websites that use animation effectively


HelloFresh home page

HelloFresh, a premium meal-kit provider, welcomes visitors with lively kinetic typography animation on their hero section. This technique, integrating motion with changing text, really makes their messaging pop, and is a popular animation choice among many marketing websites as it engages the viewer and entertains them.


Crisp home page

A renowned CRM platform, Crisp uses interactive animations directly on their hero section, leading website visitors directly to their customer support chatbot. These animations are featured on a hover animation that activates when the user clicks on the chat bubble illustration and forms part of the wider hero graphics. These animations function brilliantly, allowing website visitors to interact with the website, allowing users to preview Crisp’s CRM platform, along with being able to quickly address any queries they may have. This is a creative example of incorporating animations in a seamless and minimalist way, whilst still ensuring that user experience is kept in mind.


Qonto home page

Qonto, the fintech innovator offering online banking for businesses, uses animation to reflect the industry’s cutting-edge technology. Their animation illustrations are located just below the hero, showing mockups of Qonto’s services, and moving as the user scrolls down the homepage. This is a subtle but elegant use of animation, reflecting Qonto’s innovative approach. 


Hootsuite home page

Hootsuite is a leading social media management provider. Their use of animation with their iconic owl mascot is eye-catching and reflects their brand identity, while their feature pages implement scrolling animations, with pop-up components appearing as the user scrolls down to replicate the product experience. 

Call Bruno

Call Bruno home page

Call Bruno is a full-service marketing agency focusing on branding and development. Their website uses all-in storytelling to give a background on the agency, with an immersive whole-page motion animation that immediately captivates visitors. The dynamic background offers a continuous visual journey as the user scrolls, making every interaction feel new and exciting. This immersive experience adds to Call Bruno’s storytelling ability, as the site ensures that users are not just browsing, but are genuinely engaged as they navigate the site. 

Key Points

  • Animations can vary from bold to subtle

  • Modern web designs often incorporate animations for a fresh and engaging look

  • They bring a website to life, making it more interactive

  • Animations aren’t just for show. They can be functional, and guide user behaviour - increasing conversions!