7 Awesome Fintech Websites

Explore 7 leading fintech websites and their features.

Published on 15 Aug 2023

What is fintech?

Fintech, short for ‘financial technology’, refers to the use of modern technology to deliver financial services, making them quicker, better to use, and more accessible. From mobile banking and payment apps to cryptocurrency, fintech has had a huge effect on the way we use and manage our money.

The digital shift towards fintech has created more opportunities for startups and small businesses in the finance world. More user-friendly and innovative services have been developed, and as a result, many consumers now see these services as essential to managing their financial lives.

In the rapidly evolving world of fintech, it is increasingly important to establish a strong online presence through a well-designed website. Any up-and-coming fintech website must aim to deliver an engaging and user-friendly experience, all while remaining secure and easy to understand.

In this article, we’re going to be sharing 7 awesome fintech websites that do just that.

Awesome Fintech Website Examples


Klarna is a leading global payment and shopping service which provides flexible purchasing options. It is typically known for its ‘buy now, pay later’ service and is a popular choice amongst many consumers. Klarna offers a unique engagement feature of encouraging users to shop and save. This allows users to add a free Google Chrome extension to their browser, automatically applying any available discounts to their shopping basket as they go and keeping Klarna top-of-mind.

Klarna’s Google Chrome extension


Revolut is a digital banking platform that offers accounts, transfers and currency exchanges. Their simple and user-friendly navigation bar has an impactful design that allows the key information to shine. We like their clear headers, separating personal and business needs, along with the CTA to ‘sign up’, successfully creating a clear pathway to convert leads.

Revolut's navigation bar


Monzo is a mobile banking app that provides convenient and user-friendly money management. We think their referral scheme is an awesome idea - encouraging current Monzo users to refer a friend to join Monzo, with a reward of £5 for each person. It’s a creative way to gain more leads and give something back to loyal Monzo customers. Win-win!

Monzo referral scheme


WorldRemit is a digital service offering international money transfers and payments. Their website offers an adjustable exchange rate calculator at the top of the homepage. The currency, amount of money and method of receiving is all easily changeable, depending on the user’s requirements. This handy tool allows website visitors to engage easily with WorldRemit and demonstrates its value, helping to increase conversions.

WorldRemit exchange rate calculator


N26 is a digital bank providing personal and business banking services. What we love about N26’s website is its awesome copy. Along with the clear CTA to ‘Open N26 Standard Account’ at the bottom of the section, N26 has a clear formula for pointing website visitors in the right direction to become leads. Using a conversational tone like N26 is a fun way to connect with new and current customers.

N26 example of copy


Bolt is a US-based fintech startup that provides software which facilitates one-click online checkouts to merchants. This section highlights the unique features that Bolt can offer its clients, such as secure one-time passwords, as seen in the image. We think Bolt does a great job of coming across as personable through its short, snappy copy and their use of custom illustrations, highlighting impressive stats for social proof.

Bolt loyal customers screen


Truelayer is a platform for companies to access bank APIs securely and integrate bank payments into apps and websites. In their website footer, Truelayer includes a CTA to subscribe to their email newsletter and uses social proof when highlighting the ‘10,000+ subscribers’ already signed up. The brightly coloured ‘subscribe’ button is aimed to catch the visitor’s eye, and the links are categorised in a logical order for increased accessibility.

Truelayer footer navigation with email subscription prompt