5 Spooky websites to get you in the Halloween spirit

Spook yourself silly with these Halloween worthy websites.

Published on 23 Oct 2023

Its the time of the year to embrace all things spooky and what better way to do that here at AMW than explore some of the creepiest websites on the web. 

These are ranked from least to most scary, so proceed with caution mortals and heed thy warnings 

1) The Willard Ghost

What's so scary about a library, right? Well, it's not just strict librarians you have to worry about at the Willard Library in Indiana. If you're lucky (or not so lucky!) you might cross paths with the Grey Lady. Maybe you'll smell her perfume or hear strange noises... or maybe you'll spot her in one of the 6 webcams viewable on the Willard Ghost website! 

Visit the Willard Ghost website

2) Halloween Haunt: The Industrial Slaughterhouse

The Industrial Slaughterhouse is a Halloween haunt experience in Kentucky, USA and they've created a website that warms up patrons before their visit. They've created a page dedicated to 'The Legend of Cyrus Blackthorne', introducing the backstory to their Industrial Slaughterhouse. 

Complete with crafted newspaper clippings and blood-stained pages of notes, the scares begin before you've even set foot on the farm. 

Visit The Industrial Slaughterhouse website

3) Jack the Ripper Tour

135 years later and we're still talking about the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888. This Jack the Ripper Tour company offers guided walking tours around Spitalfields and Whitechapel in London, visiting the real scenes of the crimes. 

The site is a atmospheric introduction to Victorian London with a black and red colour scheme, 'old-school' fonts and a dark stone-wall background. For the brave among us, you can even dive in to some Jack the Ripper evidence including real photographs, illustrations and letters from the time. [PROCEED WITH CAUTION]

Visit the Jack the Ripper Tour website

4) Hashima Island

Once the most densely populated place on the planet, Hashima Island, Japan is now a ghost-island. The entire island was a home for coal-miners until 1974 when the mine was closed and all inhabitants left forever. Nearly 50 years on, the buildings lie crumbling and although a small pat of the island is now opened to tourists, most of it remains closed to the public. 

This website takes you on an unsettling journey around Hashima Island accompanied by unnerving music and glitchy graphics, adding to the creepy atmosphere of the now desolate island. 

Visit Hashima island website

5) McKamey Manor

McKamey Manor is an internationally famous extreme haunt experience known for it's individualised experience where participants are subjected to real terrifying experiences. 

While the manor is not for the faint-of-heart, neither is the website with a creepy outdated design that leaves you unnerved from only a short browse. From gory background images, to clips and images from McKamey 'victims', this site is sure to leave your skin crawling.

[PROCEED WITH CAUTION] Visit McKamey Manor's Website