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10 Awesome Landing Pages

Learn from the best landing pages around and get inspiration for design and copy.

Published on 16 Aug 2023

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are an essential component of any digital marketing strategy. They are specialised web pages, created with a single call-to-action (CTA). This could range from booking a demo, registering for an event, or promoting product purchases. The purpose of landing pages is to drive conversions - which is why they are designed as standalone pages with minimal distractions. 

What makes landing pages and homepages different?

Landing pages and homepages, while both important, serve different functions on a website. The primary role of a landing page is to cater to a specific marketing goal, targeting a particular audience with a clear CTA. It is tailored to support a specific campaign and focuses on the conversion process.

On the other hand, a homepage serves as the main entry point to a website. It provides a broad overview of the website’s content and features and is not limited to a single objective. Homepages typically include a navigation bar that guides users to various sections of the website such as 'Products', 'Services', and 'Contact'. They offer general information about the site's offerings and act as a launching pad to other areas of the website. While homepages provide a comprehensive view of the site's capabilities, landing pages offer a focused path toward conversion.

Awesome landing pages


Slack landing page

Starting strong, we have Slack - a collaboration and messaging platform for teams and workplaces. Slack’s landing page design is great because it focuses on what’s essential. The navigation bar is streamlined for minimal distractions, inviting potential customers to talk to sales ( along with easy access to the sign in point for existing customers). With this landing page, Slack excels at enticing new members with time-restricted discounts - who doesn’t love a good deal? This approach, combined with its clear presentation of the key benefits of Slack Pro, fuels a high conversion rate. 


Squarespace landing page

Next is Squarespace, the website builder that simply wants the visitor to explore its captivating templates on its landing page. This is the perfect example of an engaging landing page - users can look at the templates without creating an account. With minimalistic design elements, it gently nudges visitors to recognise the ease of using the platform. 


Semrush landing page

Semrush, the renowned SEO and digital marketing analytics platform, highlights its solution of offering consolidated features on one platform. To add to that, they provide an impressive array of well-established brands, boosting their social proof and the invitation to start a free trial - always an appealing offer! 


HelloFresh landing page

HelloFresh is known for going all in with its offers, and this landing page is no exception!  The meal kit delivery service engages potential customers right away, by showing not only the flexibility of their offering but how affordable it can be with an instant calculator. This approach combats objections upfront, by alleviating fears that a meal delivery service might tie you in or be insanely expensive!  Then there’s the tantalising promise of a discount for simply providing an email address, likely making this a high-converting page for HelloFresh.


Calm landing page

Calm has created a landing page that is the height of tranquillity, resonating with their offering as an app for meditation and mindfulness.  The serene mountain backdrop is designed to soothe the visitor’s senses immediately. The personalised engagement questions, along with the minimalist copy, ‘Find your calm’, invite reflection and interpretation - drawing visitors into the relaxing nature of the platform before they’ve even signed up.


Hootsuite landing page

Hootsuite is a social media management tool for businesses. Their landing page has a clear and consistent CTA for those ready to dive in with the offer of a free trial. It also highlights their product benefits with snappy hero copy and includes their signature owl mascot, increasing brand familiarity. 


Skillshare landing page

Skillshare is one of the most popular platforms for online classes. Their landing page is a visual treat, with high-contrast white and lime green accents to catch the eye. A convenient sign-up form with quick sign-in options facilitates the learning journey - almost making it hard for new users not to sign up! 

Express VPN

Express VPN landing page

Express VPN’s landing page puts the spotlight on security and privacy. As seen in other examples, removing the traditional navigation bar focuses visitors on the call to action, boosting conversion rates. With a ‘risk-free’ trial and a money-back guarantee, it reassures users that they are a reliable choice. 


MasterClass landing page

MasterClass is an online platform for expert-led video courses. Their landing page takes advantage of their USP of celebrity instructors to draw in visitors - its star-studded lineup captivates the target audience. Matched with its clean design and low-friction question, MasterClass creates a very effective landing page by urging visitors on to the next step. 


Hubspot landing page

Hubspot’s landing page integrates seamlessly with its core offering - providing all-encompassing solutions for businesses. Visitors are drawn to ‘get a demo’, a strategic move that often leads to a free trial or full-on commitment to the service.

All in all, these landing pages have one thing in common - they’ve nailed the art of creating first impressions that lead to lasting engagements.